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Juan Crespo

3C Films is ready to produce two horror films in the US by 2024

A couple of years ago, 3C Films began exploring production in the US with Cuando Duerme Conmigo, its first film in that country, and now the company is in talks to develop two projects in 2024.

“Two years ago, we began to contact and promote relationships with the US market because we understand production is much more powerful and opens up to larger markets. That was the seed of Cuando Duerme Conmigo, a co-production with the US, and now we have two projects to produce there for next year in the horror genre to film in Miami,” said Juan Crespo, CEO of 3C Films.

For Crespo to dive into the American market is a bet. “The American market has its ceiling, and although the platforms have indeed boosted Latin production, we want to experience producing in the US in English. The idea is to strengthen up, to set foot in the US in the English-speaking market, which is our goal for 2024 and 2025,” he noted.

He reported they are talking with several production companies in the US. “We already have advanced conversations with one of the production companies we could close at Content Americas in Miami and produce between March and April.”

“The US is a gigantic market, and horror is a very commercial genre here and opens up markets not only in the US but in Asia and Europe. Regarding financing, we are looking for private funds, not public; we are creating an investment pool. For one of the films, we have 80% of the financing, some of it from our production company, and the 20% remaining can be raised in the US, which is quite accessible,” he said.

One of the horror projects is Tres Mujeres, with Gustavo Corrado as the screenwriter and director. “The film is about three women who graduate and go on a weekend trip, and they come across a person who begins to create distrust between them,” he said.

The second horror film is a little far behind. “We already have it in line. We want to make one or two films per year and have an alliance in the US,” said Crespo.

He explained that the US has a different market than Latin America, and it opens different windows and territories for them. “It is difficult to place a film in Europe and Asia with Latin content, but on the other hand, entering the US market is more direct. Producing in the US is much more powerful when it comes to marketing. In Argentina, there are many unions. In the US, the relationship is more direct with the employee. That is the experience we want,” he emphasized.

He recalled that Cuando Duerme Conmigo was a co-production with the US, with American funds and Mexican actors. “We brought it to Argentina because producing it there was cheaper, and we aimed at the Mexican and US Hispanic markets,” he said.

Crespo is in talks with David Impelluso for the 2024 projects. “I have had a relationship with David for many years and he has everything to produce in Miami,” he said.

Maribel Ramos-Weiner