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Mar Martínez-Raposo

Atresmedia Internacional: The US Hispanic market is fundamental

For Atresmedia Internacional, the US Hispanic market is fundamental, «due to its size and strength of its main operators, and the enormous vitality of the Spanish-speaking community,” said Mar Martínez-Raposo, General Director of Atresmedia Internacional.

In 2021 they had a major launch with Verizon, which already is the third channel in its signal offering. “There are several open conversations that will bear fruit in the coming months. Many things are moving in that market, the interest in content in Spanish is growing and our offer fits very well with what operators are looking for,” she said.

Martínez-Raposo explained that 2021 has been a year of trying to normalize all processes and the balance has been really good, both from the point of view of the channel grids as for distribution or the relationship with the operators. “Fortunately, the most pessimistic expectations did not occur, but there have been consequences of the pandemic that we trust will be absorbed by the different markets,” she said.

Regarding ATRESPlayer, she indicated that the one-year experience of joining Claro video in Mexico and with another 14 Latin American countries, “has been very positive, due to the results and extraordinary from the point of view of the work of the teams and of lessons learned as a whole.” The company is in talks with other different types of operators but is also interested in the integration of ATRESPlayer. «We are confident that we will be able to announce new agreements in a short time,» she pointed out.