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Marie Leguizamo

Banijay Mexico & US Hispanic will focus on unscripted

Banijay Mexico & US Hispanic will focus on unscripted shows such as shiny floors’ shows, game shows, docu-follows, “all that content that the audience is craving for and which I can say is my specialty,” said Marie Leguizamo, Managing Director of Banijay Mexico & US Hispanic.

“The US Hispanic market is me. I grew up in New York where I spent most of my life and for a long time in Miami, and now in Los Angeles, where I live now. I understand a lot what viewers, clients are looking for. I am very happy to have the opportunity to produce in that market,” she said enthusiastically.

She believes that the demand for content has evolved a lot, especially now that there are streamers and new viewers that are leaving the networks as well. «Understanding not only as a producer but also as a consumer of this content, helps me understand as a person because I want to believe in all the projects I do,” she pointed out.

Leguizamo said that there are already some projects in the pipeline, but they should wait for the co-producing networks to announce them by 2022. “There is one that is going to be released this year that I am very excited about because they are not only new concepts but also part of the extensive catalog of Banijay. We are in a good position to develop and use shows that we have in the catalog,” she concluded.