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Eric Tourtel

Canela Media: Expanding to all LatAm in 2024

Eric Tourtel, President for LatAm of Canela Media, priority is to make the platform well known in the region. Although Canela already has a presence in Mexico and Colombia, Tourtel intends to rapidly increase its reach in both markets before the end of the year and, for 2024, extend it to the rest of the countries to offer agencies and their clients regional planning.

Asked about the evolution of FAST, Tourtel said it has grown faster in the US than in LatAm, especially in terms of connected TV. “Above all, because the upgrade of TV sets in the US has been faster than in Latin America. But unlike the US, LatAm has people spending hours on public transport, which is why they will increasingly watch more connected TV on their mobile phones”, he explained.

He said FAST channels will contribute significantly more between 2023-2029. He referred to a study by Digital TV Research reporting that in LatAm, between 2023-2029, AVOD and FAST will contribute US$3.5 billion and SVOD US$2.8 billion. “We are talking about very relevant numbers.”

He added that revenue from TV episodes and movies on OTT will increase for the 19 Latin American countries by US$7 billion between 2023 and 2029, reaching US$17 billion, with FAST and SVOD being the most important contributors.

“The original content of Canela is groundbreaking, concepts not seen on other channels; it provides exclusive content; it allows attracting a large audience; it provides new formats and ways of measuring, buying, optimizing, and delivering long-format video advertising, which can attract advertisers quite quickly,” he pointed out.