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Andrés Rincón

Canela.TV will have over 50 OTT linear channels by Q1’22

Canela.TV continues to grow at accelerated rates. Andrés Rincón, SVP of Sales de Canela Media, said that currently they have over 10 million unique downloads, already surpassing their 8 million end of year goal.  We’re not only growing in terms of app downloads, but also in terms of FAST channels for Canela.TV. We will have over 50 OTT linear channels by Q1’22.”

The company partnered with Nicky Jam and his team to bring the second season of The Rockstar Show to Canela Music.

Additionally, Canela Music will be producing the following original shows:

  • Timeless Artists: Shining a light on artists that have a unique angle and style, Canela Music will pick one artist a month that creates music that transcends the test of time.
  • Con Sazón will be Canela Music’s official cooking show as it blends a perfect mix of music and food.
  • Desde La Raíz (From the Root) will bring a new depth to new releases and music videos as Canela Music explores not only the making of songs and videos, but how they tie into an artist’s career, their roots, and Latin culture.
  • Rising Notes will be a series featuring emerging and trending artists that share their inspiration, what empowers them to make music, and how they connect to the Hispanic audience with their music, building their fan base.
  • United by the Rhythm (Unidos por el Ritmo) will showcase how Latin artists get involved in education, their community and use their influence to help others in need.

“And lastly, we are also looking to launch four original productions on Canela.TV in 2022,” added Rincón.

For next year, the company is reviewing several developments, including the launch of the Canela Kids stand-alone app, Canela Originals with the goal to promote young creators and influencers; as well as the launch of CanelaFest, a Latino Film festival providing a platform to celebrate and empower Latino producers.