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Jonathan Blum

Cisneros launches FAST channel Mas Talk to complement Novelisima

Cisneros Media will soon launch the FAST channel, Mas Talk, complementing Novelisima and aiming at one of the company’s most successful genres. They will also launch their new Venevision Play app, giving the audience access to Venevisión, Novelisima, and the new Mas Talk channel.

“Venevisión Internacional will be available on Venevision Play as a FAST signal for Venezuelans abroad. Our new app will be available for mobile phones, web, and SmartTVs,” explained Jonathan Blum, President of Cisneros Media.

Regarding new distribution agreements, Blum pointed out they are always adding new affiliates to their subscription TV signals plus the agreements closed for their FAST channels.

The FAST versions of VePlus and Venevisión Internacional will also be available in some territories. «In total, we will be offering more than 7,000 hours of content, the opportunity to catch up with the audience’s favorite telenovelas, news, and the latest from Portadas al Día,» he said.

About original productions, he highlighted Portadas al Día. “A great effort by the Venevisión team to create a magazine with freshness and diverse topics, making it a very dynamic program.” They are also working on a new talk show for VePlus that will begin production soon.

“By producing our content, we can make it available in all territories and across all platforms. The industry has been changing constantly for some time now, but our three most important pillars remain:  quality of content, distribution, and proximity to markets, advertisers, and affiliates,” he said.

He added they are working on an interesting podcast project to be released very soon, where artificial intelligence plays an important role in production.