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Benjamín Fernández

CNN en Español: Internet has become an extension of news channels

The transition to a multiplatform open to future technologies is the greatest next project for CNN en Español. “We are not going to survive only as a TV or digital outlet. Nowadays we have to be able to conquer all the media at the same time in order to be recognized journalistically,” said Benjamín Fernández, VP Newsgathering at CNNE.

For Fernández the Internet has become an extension of the news channels. “Not everyone has the time to sit in front of a TV set and watch the 6pm news or their favorite newscast at any time. Both TV and digital have their own clients and rhythm. So yes, we have to adapt to this platform to provide content. I think growth in the future continues to be the development of the Internet as the dominant source of information.”

He believes that fake news «is just a nuisance» as long as there is a fundamental journalistic base. “CNN en Español follows journalistic guidelines where fact-checking the news with direct sources is of great importance. I cannot rely on what others say or are reporting. The prestige of the brand is above all. I prefer to be last and having the right reporting than first but wrong,” concluded Fernández.