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Guillermo Sierra

Edye of HITN to close three deals with major operators in Q1 2022

HITN’s Edye platform will be closing deals with at least three major US operators by the first quarter of 2022. It will also announce launches in Puerto Rico soon. In addition, the platform will be available soon in Brazil and there are ongoing talks for other territories globally.

Guillermo Sierra, Director of Television and Digital Services at HITN, said that the Edye B2B system for the US is fully operational and they are in talks with a pediatric hospital that will be the first pilot program for the service.

HITN is closing the year by preparing new productions that will be released in 2022. They are also working on an important community service strategy that will include video content and digital resources, in order to fulfill the mission of helping to improve the life quality of the Hispanic population of the United States.For next year HITN will complete an important transition in which the HITN GO digital platform will complete its consolidating and will become as relevant as the linear display. “We will combine content and services in a much more organic way. We are also working hard to ensure that all of our content is inclusive and able to open spaces that promote diversity. We will be announcing important alliances with organizations that will allow us to expand the scope of this project,” Sierra concluded.