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Maxime Carboni

Euronews’ distribution in Spanish expanded dramatically

Euronews operates a Spanish media for nearly three decades with a dedicated Spanish-speaking newsroom and the help of their global network of over 600 journalists worldwide.

“The main targets of this media are the Spanish speakers. The ones from Europe, but also all over the world. Thus, the US is a natural and priority market for us and also a location where our core audience sits. Our unique content proposition coupled with the fact that our brand is recognized as a reliable and independent media amongst Spanish speakers led to a huge boost for Euronews’ Spanish edition in the last years. This growth has also been driven by the Covid context which highlighted again the importance of live TV and, particularly, News on TV and digital platforms,” explained Maxime Carboni, Director of Worldwide Distribution, Euronews.

All these factors led Euronews’ Spanish distribution to expand dramatically in the US in the last two years through HITN – TV Network, The Roku Channel, Plex, Pluto TV, XOD, HeroGO, Distro TV, Videoelephant.tv, Boss TV, Binge Networks and more to come.

“Our US partner list is the testimony of the relevance of Spanish media through the Spanish-speaking community. This statement will be reinforced with several new partnerships to be announced very soon,” said Carboni.

On the other hand, Euronews’ English edition is also available in the US through Altice, DISH, and SLING, The Roku Channel, Plex, Tubi, Haystack News, Pluto TV, KlowdTV, XOD, Distro TV, and many others streaming services or Pay TV companies.

“The US Hispanic market is again a natural and priority target for Euronews and especially our Spanish edition. This is why our company keeps on investing in content production and localization as well as local stories from Spanish-speaking environments all over the world. Our live TV and nonlinear catalog will be strengthened as well as our market penetration. OTT, streaming platforms, and pay-TV operators remain our core targets as well as reaching new content partnerships with local media,” he concluded.