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Matías Rivera

Fanatiz is developing new exclusive productions

2021 has been a positive year for Fanatiz. Many projects consolidated, including the integration of Fanatiz, Nunchee, and 1190 Sports to create Fz Sports, a company born at the beginning of the year “and which represents a disruptive way of linking technology, the OTT market, and the sports rights,” said Matías Rivera, CEO of Fz Sports.

Fz Sports paved the way to the launch of Brasileirao Play powered by Fanatiz, the official platform for Brazilian soccer, and AFA Play powered by Fanatiz, for Argentine soccer, which live within Fanatiz and are added to the offer of content they already have.

In addition, during the first semester, they launched Fanatiz México in alliance with Fox Sports México and Claro Sports, as well as the leagues of Argentina and Brazil, and many other contents in several territories. «Today Fanatiz is the service with the largest content of live soccer in the entire Mexican market,» Rivera said.

Aiming to enhance Fanatiz’s content offering and user experience for 2022, Rivera announced that they are actively working on some new exclusive productions for the platform, while developing, in parallel, several experiments of new consumer formats and transmission of events. live.

Other developments for 2022 include new alliances, both in the US and in other strategic markets. «We also have considered the implementation of multiple new technologies and features for Fanatiz that we have been working on for a long time and that will undoubtedly be a leap forward that sports fans who subscribe to Fanatiz will be able to enjoy».

Among the sports rights acquired during 2021, they reached an agreement with Conmebol to broadcast the entire Copa América in the Mexican market; recently, they closed a deal with COSCABAL (South and Central American Handball Confederation) to distribute all their content -including the US- through the Fanatiz platform.

“Some other properties that we have launched in these months are beIN SPORTS in Canada, and also some soccer tournaments, including the Carioca Championship in Brazil -which is the traditional Rio de Janeiro state tournament- and the UEFA Futsal Champions League, which It is important since Futsal is a modality that is gaining followers all over the world every year and that has enormous growth potential,” added Rivera.

Rivera said that they’re watching closely the growing importance of digital direct-to-consumer distribution for the entire industry as cord-cutting continues to accelerate and the media industry transforms. «Our expectation is that we will begin to see more innovation in the way content is distributed and consumed, going from traditional linear distribution to new formats in the style of Twitch and TikTok that leverage large user’s communities with new consumer experiences,” he concluded.