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Alan J. Sokol

Hemisphere: FAST is an organic transition for those of us with a key space in linear TV

The FAST model, in the opinion of Alan J. Sokol, President and CEO of Hemisphere Media Group Inc., «is an organic transition for those having a key space in the linear television landscape but wanting to keep up with the new habits of consumers. Our experience, both with the traditional cable model and with the content performance on AVOD/SVOD, allows us to know what type of content our viewers prefer and offer it on digital platforms but through a familiar format that helps the viewer adjust to its consumption habits. It is an ideal transition for those who prefer a passive and relaxed interaction when choosing content.”

Sokol added that they know the industry is going through a transition, and a model like the FAST channels «gives us a great opportunity to continue moving our vast film library and to expand the relationships we have established over the years with the most prominent movie, news, and dramas producers globally to maximize business opportunities.”

He points out that FAST channels are an opportunity to maximize Hemisphere’s extensive content inventory, personalize the distribution offering, and add more touchpoints with the public, bringing them the content they prefer.

“We are investing in the FAST model and working diligently to expand our offering and with our experience as creators and curators of international content, it is a natural fit for our team,” he said.

Hemisphere owns several FAST channel projects, one of which is already being distributed: TODO CINE, and three to be launched.

Next in line is TODO DRAMA, a channel for multicultural telenovelas and international serial dramas that will offer Turkish content as well as Korean dramas, Brazilian telenovelas, and anthology dramas.

Another is one devoted to news, which they had in mind and evolved into El Salvador 24 (ES24). It is a channel targeting the Salvadoran community, «the third largest segment of Hispanics in the US,» with access to news and cultural programming.

He announced the incorporation of  TODO CINE into various platforms in the coming weeks.

In addition, the company is preparing the launch of WAPA+, devoted to the Puerto Rican diaspora in the US, maximizing WAPA’s original programming and video library.

“We are focused on expanding the distribution of TODO CINE and the launch of TODO DRAMA, ES24, and WAPA+ in the next quarter. These FAST offerings align very well with our content tradition,” Sokol concluded.

Maribel Ramos-Weiner