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Valentina Alvarado

INTI TV bets on FAST channels with INTI PACHA

INTI TV is betting on a new product, FAST’s INTI PACHA channel, which was launched in October.

“INTI PACHA is a new channel, with programming that is different from that of our main signal but maintaining the same essence. INTI PACHA aims to create awareness through content related to healing, well-being, and connection with nature. The signal is on Samsung TV Plus in Mexico and our goal is to be able to reach more platforms within this year,” said Valentina Alvarado, Head of Corporate Alliances and Social Responsibility at INTI.

They are also betting on one of the largest productions they have had. It is about the coexistence among people from different countries who decide to make the transition from the city to a country life through permaculture and ancestral knowledge. “In this new production the participants will be living together in a natural environment far from the comforts of the city, where everyone will have to work as a team to be able to perform daily tasks and additionally a series of sustainable and self-sustaining projects with the help of guides that will be there during the process,” explained Alvarado.

The first season will begin filming this November.

For 2022 several projects are coming: the development of new formats for international markets and the sale of content to third parties, for which they are doubling the entire inventory of original content for the commercialization of these in different markets; the expansion of the distribution of INTI PACHA in different countries and the launch of a feed in English; for INTI Play they are recording new courses for the platform and will launch a new line of podcasts with the first seasons of Permiso para Salir and Voceros de la Tierra.