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Sebastián Jiménez

JK Media Group launches JK Studios

Sebastián Jiménez, CEO and Founder of JK Media Group, announced the launch of JK Studios in Burbank, California.

“We just opened a studio facility here in Burbank, within a location of more than 10,000 square feet (more than 3,000 square meters). It consists of three recording studios; we have just acquired it. It’s a modern and new facility. Very soon we will be sharing images of it,” he explained.

The studios will follow in the same line as their group JK Media, they will be called JK Studios. There are three studios, one of 5,000 square feet (1,500 square meters), another of 3,000 (900 square meters) and the smallest, of 2,000 (600 square meters).

Jiménez said that they have been developing a project with Chiquis Rivera for Telemundo. “We are very happy with what we just did with Chiquis for Telemundo. We have an agreement with Chiquis to develop several more projects. Now, probably at Natpe, we are going to present it, and we are giving in exclusive to PRODU everything we are developing with her,» he said.

He recalled that JK Media Group has focused and specialized in the production of reality-type content and unscripted formats. “We worked with NBCUniversal in the Larrymanía show. It was a very fun experience, you probably have seen how funny Larry and his family are. We specialize in unscripted docu-reality. We also are offering production services for scripted fiction to Telemundo, Apple TV+, but we specialize in unscripted original projects.”

JK Media Group, that they have been working with Andrés Barahona, head of Production at JK and who has led all production services for Telemundo, Bambú Productions in Spain, for Apple TV+, FOXTeleMéxico; so the company is very well established in that area. “And based on those experiences we have started to develop fiction projects. We have one with the writer Sergio Jablón, a six-chapter miniseries. Alexis Serrato, who is managing the development department, also works with us. She has five fiction projects that are in her portfolio, and that we are looking to place by 2022.”