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Sara Rojas

Director of Business Development for Latin Entertainment Group

Latin Entertainment Group joins US streaming space

2021 was an important year for Latin Entertainment Group, LLC marking their entry into the digital arena. “This year allowed us to pivot into the streaming space in the United States, as we launched two of our leading channels, CINE HISPANO and MIMUSICA, with digital media company Canela Media. We are eager to announce several launches lined up for 2022 with leading vMVPD and CCTV partners,” said Sara Rojas, Director of Business Development for Latin Entertainment Group, LLC. (LEG).

With more than 30 million US Hispanics cutting the cord and turning to streaming alternatives, now is the moment for FAST platforms to add Spanish language content to their programming lineup. “We are poised to deliver the content sought out by Hispanic subscribers in order to help operators reach the fastest-growing U.S demographic,” Rojas added.

“Hispanics in the US have always been at the forefront of streaming digital entertainment and after the pandemic, their presence on the networks has been accelerated; therefore, our focus at LEG is to grow in the digital world through alliances such as the one with Canela, among several others, which we are soon to announce,” she said.

Rojas pointed out that they continue to position themselves as a reliable provider of content in Spanish for pay-TV operators in the US. “We invite the country’s vMVPDs to review our content and use it to strengthen their offer in order to increase their Hispanic subscribers. Our portfolio of channels currently available within the US includes CINE HISPANO and MIMUSICA.”