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Marisa Navarro

Mediapro: Our synergies allow us to offer a one-stop-shop service

Grup Mediapro has always aimed to take advantage of and maximize the different facilities and resources it has in each of its headquarters.

“If in the US we have it easy for certain services, we talk with our subsidiaries in Canada or Mexico to have synergies to provide those services to the subsidiaries that do not have them,” said Marisa Navarro, Head of Marketing & Post Production, Mediapro North America.

As an example, she mentioned the service to their client beIN SPORTS. “We have a system where we locate the Editing department, where we have editors working remotely from our Mediapro Argentina headquarters. It was difficult to imagine, in theory, if the concept could work. But after the pandemic, we saw everything worked remotely with IP and a stable fiber connection that another of our companies, Overon, offers us. For us, this is what maximizing these synergies means.”

The alliance with Overon, Mediapro Argentina, and Mediapro North America “allows us to have the service and offer it at a competitive cost to beIN SPORTS, which allows us to maximize the budget,” she added.

She mentioned the synergy with their partner PHYGITAL FX, which just launched in New York, in Yonkers. Now, they can offer lighting services as part of their business. “We can be a one-stop-shop for this type of service, and it will always be easier for the customer to have everything under one roof.”

Navarro said there are synergies between the headquarters of Mediapro Canada, Mediapro México, and Mediapro US that work as Mediapro North America. “Each headquarters has its strengths that, among the entire company regionally, we draw on,” she said.

She mentioned that, in Canada, they own mobile units and sports rights to Canadian football.

At Mexico’s headquarters, they have mobile units, production, and studio broadcasting services for several clients, such as VAR, Liga MX, and UBeat Live (esports).

In the US, they offer LED Wall and virtual production services, services for Concacaf, teleport and streaming services with Overon, and remote editing for beIN SPORTS from the headquarters in Argentina.

“These synergies allow us to unite services to minimize overhead costs and maximize talents. It helps us to have ideas outside the box, having different perspectives from different people,” she said.

Maribel Ramos-Weiner