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Nicolás Coates

Mexicanal expanded its distribution with Verizon Fios

“Mexicanal is now available on Verizon Fios TV in high definition for viewers throughout the United States. The channel can be found on Fios TV Channel 1514. It is included in the Region Mexicana package, which is part of the Spanish-language category,” explained Nicolás Coates, VP Distribution & Business Development, Castalia Communications.

One improvement they undertook recently was switching Mexicanal from SD to HD. “We know viewers want to enjoy content leveraging the technological features of their devices and HD is a must for this,” Coates pointed out.

He said that content continues to be a key component and while the pandemic restrictions limited content production around the world, they were able to adjust their own production schedules and maintain, in compliance with Covid international production guidelines, a robust offering that includes a full season of Jaripeo Ahí Viene el Toro and El Auto de mi Vida and other titles like Las Cantinas de Cornelio and Liga Mexicana de Jaripeo are currently under production as well.

“We are in constant connection with our audience, both through social media and in-person, to learn more about their perception, interests, and expectations. We are currently exploring new opportunities to improve the experience of our viewers with applications and other technologies that will serve them better and in line with what they want,” he concluded.