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Alejandro Mercado, and Óscar Mercado

PX Sports co-produces El Play Room and LUX MMA with Mediapro

Under the partnership and co-production agreement signed with Mediapro in January, the extreme sports channel PX Sports is undertaking the show El Play Room (60′). It is a weekly show that covers three concepts: gamer, which is the entire esports trend – one of the characters is a professional gamer called “El Cabra;” music, with Daniela Casábola, professional DJ and sports commentator; and sports, with Annie Portocarreño.

“The show develops as if they were roommates in an apartment talking about video games, urban themes, rap, freestyle, and graffiti with sports guests. ‘El Cabra’ plays the gossiping neighbor,” explained Óscar Mercado, Director of Operations at PX Sports.

El Play Room is produced at Mediapro México, in the same forums where FOX Deportes is recorded.

Another project in co-production with Mediapro is the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) LUX,  broadcast live. “Mediapro manages two billboards: one that goes to ESPN and another with us shared with Televisa and its Adrenalina channel. These fights are UFC Fight Pass, meaning that the winners qualify for the UFC in the USA,” said Mercado.

PX Sports is working on the World Skate Tour, the stop on the world tour of skateboarding (a sport now Olympic). “Each stop on the tour adds a huge audience; from there, we select who will go to the 2024 Olympics in France. We are going to broadcast the third stop in Switzerland, which is from September 9 to 16 in Lausanne, and then Rome in October,” he indicated.

Mercado added they are trying to bring another stop on the world tour to Monterey, Mexico for early 2024.

He explained they always ask for the rights of the US Spanish-speaking market for everything they produce or do in co-production.

Mercado recalled that PX Sports is in the Hispanic packages of Dish’s Sling and AT&T/DIRECTV’s Uverse. Furthermore, the signal recently became available on Intercable in Venezuela and resumed talks with Comcast in the US through its representative in that market, NBCUniversal International Networks.

They also have a commercial agreement with Vigo’s RC Celta, a Spanish first-division soccer team. PX Sports recently broadcast exclusively for the US Hispanics and Latin America the game between the soccer legends and RC Celta commemorating the centenary of the club’s creation. “Although it is not an extreme sport, they gave us that match to broadcast live exclusively for Latin America since we have that society, and it is the team’s centennial,” Mercado said.

He mentioned that the image of PX Sports is in Vigo’s RC Celta stadium as part of this commercial agreement. “We have a strong alliance with them.”