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Luis Villanueva

SOMOS Group takes advantage of new opportunities with vMVPDs

SOMOS Group is pleased and taking advantage of the new opportunities that arise with vMVPDs. In addition, they are always trying to increase the value of its channels ViendoMovies and Semillitas with the best content.

«We believe that, ultimately, the quality options continue to matter the most to the consumer and in that sense we improve our products both in content – movies, animations, and others – as well as in the technical quality of our signals, both in HD,» said Luis Villanueva, president, and CEO of SOMOS Group.

He added that the company is continually exploring both traditional and streaming distribution opportunities.

“Our channels are recognized as the best options in their genres, adding value to our clients. ViendoMovies continues to be an exclusive, commercial-free cinema channel, and Semillitas keeps up launching the best animation, a space free of violence and of ads. The graphics packages of both channels are of high quality and the content is packed in a premium presence,” he emphasized.

He indicated that they are in talks with streamers and traditional operators to expand the distribution of Semillitas internationally and domestically. With ViendoMovies, included in most of the operators, they are in conversations with the new players. «In many of these, they are still working on defining the packages and strategies for the Latino market,» he concluded.