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Francisco Rivera

SPT boasts a curated collection of nine Hispanic FAST channels

Francisco Rivera, Head of Emerging Business for SPT in Latin America, said his company has been at the forefront of the FAST market for the past few years. He mentioned Sony Pictures Television (SPT) boasts a curated collection of premier Hispanic FAST channels programmed for audiences in Mexico, Brazil, and the US Hispanic audience.

“Our portfolio consists of nine channels across these key markets: three channels dedicated to the US Hispanic audience with telenovelas, game shows, and comedies; 4 channels catering to the Mexican audience with Shark Tank, telenovelas, game shows, and comedies; and two channels serving the Brazilian audience: Shark Tank and Emocoes,” Rivera said.

He added they are looking forward to growing “this important business” and are “excited” to introduce new offerings soon.

Sony Pictures considers that the FAST space has experienced rapid growth in both the US and Latin America. “These diverse audiences are embracing free ad-supported television and are also demanding more high-quality content. At Sony Pictures we are in a unique position to meet this demand by offering a remarkable collection of award-winning and beloved content from Hollywood as well as premium programming that is locally produced,” Rivera pointed out.

Rivera described FAST as a distinctive platform offering linear streaming supported by ads. “Making it a noteworthy alternative to other business models. There has been significant audience engagement, particularly through connected TV sets and OTT devices, allowing viewers to consume content on their terms within the comfort of their homes.”

Among the main benefits it offers versus other business models, he mentioned a broader audience reach, the ability to monetize through advertising, data-driven insights, opportunities for enhanced partnerships, and increased brand recognition and viewer loyalty for other shows. “For example, it is another way for fans to discover and connect with our content, fostering relationships and generating buzz that carries over when new seasons are released.”

He added that the unique combination of linear streaming and ad-supported accessibility makes FAST “a distinctive and strategic business model within the media landscape.”

Maribel Ramos-Weiner