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Leopoldo Gómez

Univision Noticias: A 24/7 digital channel and new mobile content among future projects

Although times change, the focus and essence of Univision Noticias continue to be serving the Hispanic community, according to its President, Leopoldo Gómez.

«Our vision and challenge are to become the leading Spanish-language outlet in the world, serving our audience on their favorite platforms, with a solid streaming news service and new programs and audio formats,» he added.

Among the next developments, Gómez mentions the new 24/7 digital news channel and new content projects for mobile consumption, that include new audio formats.

Regarding trends, Gómez mentioned audiences split up into different platforms and formats, including TV, radio, digital, mobile, and audio.

As the most important changes in the news in recent years, he highlighted formats and technology.

“The world is constantly changing and Univision Noticias continues to evolve, innovate and improve to provide Spanish speakers with the best news content in the most innovative and engaging formats. We make more use of interactive graphics, augmented reality, and virtual graphics in real-time, as well as more screens and high definition cameras that bring our audience even closer to our journalists and their reports,” he explained.

He believes that social networks are a tool to screen for news in real-time and where they are happening. “The social media are also to give information, but we always have to remember that it is much more important to distribute the right information than to be the first. The goal is always to achieve both, but giving priority to journalistic accuracy and rigor,” he said.