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Doris Vogelmann

Vme explores options to access potential audiences in the digital ecosystem, including FAST

Although Vme does not have FAST channels, the company is looking to participate in that space. “Vme has several of its properties available in Pluto Latin America, where we are part of some of its FAST offerings,” explains Doris Vogelmann, VP of Programming and Operations, V-Me Media.

Vogelmann said they are exploring options to gain access to potential audiences in the digital ecosystem.

She pointed out that -for now- they have focused on content distribution through their linear channels. «Due to changes in the industry and consumption pattern, we are looking for alternatives to access the audience interested in our content, as is the case of Pluto,» she said.

Regarding original productions, Vogelmann noted they ceased using printed scripts and doing everything digitally with computers or mobile tablets.

“Within our anthology Crónicas de Nuestro Tiempo,we are broadcasting programs addressing the issue of sustainability to make viewers aware of the current situation and efforts we can make to improve sustainability in our lives,” she said.

A few months ago, the company signed an agreement with Charter to distribute Vme’s linear channels nationwide in its Hispanic package.

Now, they are producing a new season of two of their original programs, Vivir Vale la Pena, to be recorded in Quito, Ecuador, and Reflexiones con Maytte, which is in the production and recording process. In addition, Vme is developing a special for the 100 birthday of Tito Puente that will premiere soon.

Regarding sustainability, she said that Vme Media is concerned with reducing the carbon footprint. “In the office, the use of paper and the printing of materials is kept to a minimum. We also recycle the paper and plastics we use.”

They are exploring the use of artificial intelligence. “We know well that AI will become a useful tool in our industry. We began using it in simple things like translations, voices for promos, and developing concepts for presentations. But we are also looking at practical applications for the production and edition of certain pieces. We will give details when it is more developed,” she pointed out.

Maribel Ramos-Weiner