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Carlos Mesber

We Love Entertainment: It’s the right time for the Hispanic world in the US

Carlos Mesber, CEO of We Love Entertainment, considers that the US Hispanic market is one of the most important in the world right now. “I say this because there are more and more of us.”

He noted that Latinos are second or third among international markets. “That has a direct impact on us, who are the ones who speak directly to these communities because those of us who make TV and content have that responsibility.”

“It is the right time for everything related to the Hispanic world in the United States. The strength we are having is great. It is no longer about races and categorizing but that we are a great force together, that no matter what country we come from, we all are Spanish speakers. Spanish has become the second language in the US. I am happy to have a program like Siéntese Quien Pueda on the Hispanic network Univisión, with greater reach and an established audience. The show,  with more than a year old on the air, focuses 100% on the debate of topics that directly affect and interest the Hispanic community in the US. These topics come from opinions that celebrities give us. That is the starting point for the debate. But it is not only about the celebrities’ life, we go much further; we delve into these topics and look for data, we research and bring accurate and personal information that can help Hispanics in everything,” explained Mesber.

To date Siéntese quien pueda has delivered 274 episodios.

Mesber points out that We Love Entertainment has created new formats aimed at the Hispanic audience. “I think talk shows need to be modernized. We have focused on creating programs based on debate and information. Two or three shows come with different themes, some aimed at family and society and others at beauty and aesthetics. They are being presented on different platforms.”

He said that for both him and We Love Entertainment “it is a privilege to have the opportunity to speak directly to all the Hispanics who see us in the US because there are more and more of us.”

Mesber also referred to his new program, Siéntate Conmigo (20×60′), a one-on-one interview show with big TV stars where Mesber is the host. It is produced in the US and Mexico and airs on Televen (Venezuela), on Sundays at 9pm. “It’s doing very well,” he said. Starting in mid-September, VIP 2000 TV will begin the international marketing of the show.

The interviewees of the first season of Siéntate Conmigo are Gabriela Spanic, Alicia Machado, Daniel Elbittar, Liliana Rodríguez, Padre Alberto, Salvador Zerboni, Julián Gil, Yul Burkle, Laura Zapata, Scarlet Ortiz, Adrián Di Monte, Horacio Pancheri, Lupita Jones, Lucía Méndez, Emmanuel Palomares, Aleida Núñez, Eva Cedeño, Diana Reyes, Alejandra Jaramillo, Julián Gil, and Sergio Mayer.