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Juan Pablo Herranz

KrolusTV: By becoming FAST, we are experiencing a qualitative leap in our offer

For Juan Pablo Herranz, Founder of the Spanish-language trading channel KrolusTV, the FAST space represents a significant evolution in their disseminating strategy. “By becoming a FAST channel, we are experiencing a qualitative leap in our offer. The decision allows us to compete equally with the major television networks. In the world of channel zapping, our content has the same probability of being selected, which is an advantage in a highly competitive environment,” said Herranz.

He considers the FAST space the logical step in their mission to reach a broader audience. This initiative allows them to access an audience that previously could only consume their content online. “Viewers can now conveniently tune in directly to us on their smart TVs, expanding our visibility and reaching new viewer segments.”

Herranz highlighted some advantages of the FAST model, such as the realignment of their content strategy. “It puts FAST dissemination at the center of our planning, in contrast to platforms like YouTube, used to having that role. This transition allows us to offer financial education and entertainment to a much broader audience, without barriers to access.”

KrolusTV content fits perfectly with the FAST model, he said, because it is instant consumption» programming. He pointed out that this structure allows them to reach an audience looking for current and relevant information quickly and directly.

“An important factor for us is our intention to provide our content for free rather than relying on financial contributions from viewers. This approach resonates with our mission to facilitate access to financial education and provide valuable entertainment at no additional cost to our viewers,” he said.

KrolusTV is available on DistroTV and the emerging platform Bubbo TV. “The interest in our content, especially from innovative platforms, is a testament to the relevance and quality we seek to deliver. We are very inclined to continue our expansion on other platforms and explore new collaboration opportunities in the future,” he said.

The channel’s main plan is to expand the production of relevant economic and investment content for Spanish speakers globally.  “Our goal is to close the year 2023 with eight hours of new production a day, offering our audience a diversified and enriching programming,” he mentioned.

The company seeks to sign transmission agreements to become the official channel of outstanding economic events. KrolusTV already broadcasts the press conferences of Jerome Powell, chair of the US Federal Reserve, with simultaneous translation into Spanish. “The demand from our audience for more quality content is evident.”

He explained the development of plans will be gradual and depending on the improvement in income. For Herranz, the leap to the FAST channel and the collaboration with various platforms will play a fundamental role in achieving their objectives. “We are excited about the path that lies before us, and we are sure we will continue to offer valuable and relevant content to our audience,” he concluded.

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